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Bell and Howell 8mm Projector Bulb Code
Filmo Regent 122 Available DAR
Autoload 266,266A, 266Y, 363 DEF DCA Bulb DEF or DCA
  245, 248,254R DFN DFC Bulb DFN/DFC
  346,356,357,456,457,458,461,462 DJL Bulb DJL
  423 Auto 8, Sound 427 EXR bulb EFR
  Magnetic 488Z CXR CXL Projector Bulb CXR/CXL
  353 DAY/DAK
  254,255,255A, 255AY DEF DCA Bulb DEF or DCA
  Super 363 DEF DCA Bulb DEF or DCA
Director Lumina DJL Bulb DLS
  Super DJL Bulb DLS
Filmosonic 1733, B, 1742, A, Z, 1744Z, 1744BZ 1745CZ DJL Bulb DJL
  600Z, 600ZR, 600ZRX DJL Bulb DJL
  Soundstart DJL Bulb DJL
Lumina II LX series, MX series DJL Bulb DLD/DFZ
  16mm   Projector Bulb
Autoload 566A, 566X, 566XT BAK
  2580A, 2582A, 2592A, 2585B, 2592B, 2585A EXR bulb ELC
JAN 1680G, 1692B, 1693B, 1695B, 1698B EXR bulb ELC